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The film starts with a scene happening in a corn field in south India, where A British Forest Ranger who is responsible for the fields is being cautioned by some unusual commotions coming structure profound inside the fields. He sets out with his canine and scans for the wellspring of this interesting clamor, then all of a sudden the puppy is being dragged inside and mercilessly executed by an obscure mammoth animal. At that point the officer is likewise dragged inside and slaughtered by the animal. At that point the plot movements to the 1970s where a school (sir arthur wellington school) goodbye gathering is occurring. Two companions Amudhan and Vendhan (the child of the school gatekeeper), choose to stay back in the school inn and spend the excursion there. This is principally in light of the fact that Amudhan's Girlfriend Poongavanm lives in the close-by town of poomanandhipuram, with the goal that he can't miss her amid this get-away. The main thing that lies between the school and the town is the same corn field (now ensured by a major divider), that is accepted to be the chasing ground of the peculiar animal, that the general population now call Ambuli. In spite of the fact that a few people called it a myth, numerous trusted that ambuli existed. One night, regardless of notices from Vendhan, Amudhan chooses to experience the corn field to achieve poomanandhipuram to meet Poongavanam. He makes the main trek effectively, however while he returns, he hears the same odd clamor and is been pursued and diverted from his cycle by Ambuli (which is not yet appeared on screen). Amudhan keeps running forever and achieves the school, where he meets Vendhan and describes him what happened and says to him that Ambuli is genuine. Vendhan is minimal persuaded by Amudhan's portrayal and they both choose to visit the corn field together that night to see what truly is occurring. They both venture to every part of the whole field and achieve one corner and discover a wood house (the spot where the British officer once lived), and they meet Sengodan there. Sengodan watches the fields yet his looks cause a tiny bit of suspicion to the young men that he may be the ambuli. Be that as it may, Sengoden does not hurt them and the young men fled the spot. The following day, they ask Vendhan's dad (the long-lasting guardian of the school) about Ambuli furthermore they enquire about Sengodan. Vendhan's dad is particularly irritated by the news that they both voyaged alone during the evening in the corn fields and cries to them saying that Death anticipates whoever enters the field around evening time, as there lives a brutal animal called Ambuli, that has killed such a large number of individuals in the past is still eager for human life. He says that Vendhan is the main individual he has and if something transpires he can't live. So he unassumingly asks for them not to go there once more. Yet at the same time acknowledges to say in regards to Ambuli and Sengodan. "About somewhere in the range of 40 years prior, upon the arrival of Solar overshadowing, a pregnant ladies who has nobody aside from her senior youngster, strolls into the town of poomanandhipuram however blacks out directly under the sun (it was trusted that one who turns out on a sun based shroud, will be influenced seriously by the radiation ). The villagers save her and she conceives an offspring the very night. Be that as it may, the infant conceived was not precisely a person. It was half human, half brute like a neanderthal. The brute child nibbles the arm of the town specialist and it additionally assaults her mom lethally and escapes into the fields, and it has been till date murdering people. Furthermore, Sengoden is none other than the senior sibling of Ambuli and Sengoden is a killer as he murdered the author of the school, and says that they are fortunate not to be hurt by Sengoden". This is the story said by Vendhan's dad to Vendhan and Amudhan. Vendhan and Amudhan choose to gather more insights about Ambuli and they visit numerous individuals in the town and enquire. They meet one of their seniors Marudhan, who is a pragmatic youth who does not have faith in Ambuli by any means. Be that as it may, humorously, Marudhan's grandmother is the town woman specialist, whose arm was nibbled by ambuli during childbirth. They discover a sketch of ambuli from another senior, (who composes a diary in the past version of the school magazine, about the mass movement of individuals from the poomanandhipuram town into somewhere else, because of the apprehension of Ambuli). With this work of art as a proof, they attempt to make a gripe in the police headquarters, where the Head cop says, they require no less than a photo as a proof and not a composition. Vendhan and Amudhan acknowledge the test and chooses to visit the corn field to take a pic of Ambuli. In any case, they are at the end of the day hindered by Sengoden and they take a pic of him, feeling that he is Ambuli. As things went ths way, one night, Marudhan gets extremely inquisitive about Ambuli, and chooses to research things all alone. In this way he covertly takes after a villager, who takes a full developed goat with him, and binds it to a little vessel and sends into the lake that lies in front of the old sanctuary buckles (that are currently deserted by the general population). Maruthan watches the watercraft shake and the goat is currently gone. He comprehends that the villagers were paying penance to ambuli to vent his outrage. So the following day he chooses to see what lies in front of the lake. He goes in a comparable situation and enters the hole where he experiences the animal. Startled, he keeps running for his life and getaways from that spot. Presently having begun to put stock in Ambuli, he enquires about it to his grandmother. In the meantime, Amudhan and Vendhan check for a few subtle elements in the library about Ambuli. They go into the Founder's room (which was not opened at all in the later past) and locate an Important Clue on his table. The Clue drives them to a key that leads them to the mystery Projector room, which likewise ends up being the compound lab that has been bolted for a considerable length of time. They Find some Projector reels and begin watching them, as in the meantime Maruthan's Grandma describes what really happened to Ambuli's mom and why Ambuli was conceived like a beast.What takes after is some frightful truth that whole stuns Amudhan, Vendhan and Maruthan. The organizer of the school (Sir Wellington), is fundamentally a researcher, who worked with the British Army in the second world war. After retirement he starts the school in South India. His long-term objective is to effectively complete and complete his venture. That is to make people who can live for a long time strongly. He chooses to utilize Sengodan's mom as his example and infuses his chemicals into the womb. This begins affecting Ambuli. The researcher blockheads her with solid tranquilizers so she visits him regularly for checkup, so he can complete his test with no issue. As she contacts her pregnancy date, she is influenced a lot by the tranquilizers and begins strolling to the researcher to get herself checked. That day ends up being the Solar overshadowing, and lamentably she is influenced by the radiation shape the shroud. This causes a major change in her womb and in this manner Ambuli is conceived, as a Beast. The Lady specialist who checked her pregnancy is scared by the looks and conduct of Ambuli and advises his mother to execute Ambuli right then. Be that as it may, she gives Ambuli a chance to escape and submits suicide. Infuriated by this, Sengoden executes the originator who is the explanation behind all this.Still the story proceeds Presently Having gathered all insights about Ambuli, Amudhan, Vendhan and Maruthan choose that there is no utilization avoiding ambuli and they should battle against it. Alternately else they all beyond words dread. So the town individuals accumulate as a solid mass and set to chase Ambuli, headed by Maruthan. in the meantime, Amudhan and venthan, alongside their lady friends, meet sengodan. Sengodan guarantees that he will assume them to ambuli's position. They visit the hole during the evening, and there comes a Tall, savage looking primate like animal, which is at long last appeared to be ambuli. As Ambuli tries to assault vendhan, Sengodan battles it valiantly. The villagers likewise race to the spot. At that point all of a sudden the armed force comes there with tranqualisers (The armed force is cautioned by the head cop, who is persuaded by Amudhan and Vendhan that Ambuli exists). After an Intense fight in the field between the armed force and Ambuli, Ambuli is Tranqualised with the assistance of sengoden. The armed force catches Ambuli and he is taken away in a secured box. The villagers at long last express gratitude toward Maruthan, Sengodan, Amudhan and Venthan for their heroics in catching Ambuli and in this manner finishing their long-lasting trepidation. As the credits reveal, a last shot is indicated which is to happen in Dehradun, Where the crate in which Ambuli is being conveyed. The container gradually begins moving a little and it breaks all of a sudden. It is to be Understood that Ambuli escapes from the container and sets on his next chase. The film closes with the line "AMBULI'IN VETTAI THODARUM"... Which means, Ambuli's chasing will proceed !
Hari Shankar
R. Parthiban,
Sci-Fi, Thriller
Date Created:
16 September 2016
Release Date:
17 February 2012

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