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In Cambodia, the Prime Minister closes a deal with a representative of Cardiff, an American company specializing in water systems. After the representative leaves, a group of armed rebels initiate a coup d'├ętat and assassinate the Prime Minister. Seventeen hours earlier, Jack Dwyer (Owen Wilson), a new Cardiff employee, is flying to the country with his wife Annie (Lake Bell) and their daughters Lucy (Sterling Jerins) and Briegel "Beeze" Dwyer (Claire Geare). After landing, they run into a Briton named Hammond (Pierce Brosnan) who offers them a ride with him and his friend "Kenny Rogers" (Sahajak Boonthanakit), to the Imperial Lotus hotel, where many foreigners are staying. At the hotel, Jack learns that the phone lines, television and internet are down all over the city. He stops by the bar and chats with Hammond. The next morning, Jack goes out to buy a newspaper, and inadvertently finds himself in the middle of a confrontation between armed demonstrators and riot police with upside-down shields. The two forces clash violently as Jack makes his escape. Eventually, the protesters gain the upper hand and begin murdering the police. Jack runs back to the hotel and witnesses the rebels executing an American tourist out front. A rebel soldier spots Jack, forcing Jack to quickly climb up a fire escape and enter the hotel through a window. The rebels break through the main hotel entrance and begin indiscriminately slaughtering the staff and guests. Jack makes it back to his family's room, but learns that Lucy is swimming in the pool downstairs. Jack barely gets to Lucy in time before rebels pour onto the pool area. Meanwhile, a horrified Annie sees the rebels going from room to room, killing the occupants. She barely manages to keep them out of their room. As Jack returns with Lucy, he encounters a rebel in the stairwell, but Hammond saves him and tells him to get to the roof. Jack's family go up there and join some of the hotel's guests and staff, who have gathered and blocked the door. On the roof, other hotel tourists warn Jack away from leaning over the edge of the roof, as the rebels below will take a shot at whoever they can see. Jack looks over the roof anyway and sees that hundreds of rebels are gathering at the base of the hotel, and that they have seized most of the city. A French hotel occupant interprets what they are chanting ("Don't resist. There will be no prisoners, because [they're] going to kill [us] anyway.", "Blood for water!") Upon questioning an injured hotel worker, they learn that the rebels are protesting the Western corporations control of the water supply. An approaching helicopter is then heard. Everyone's relief turns to horror as they realize it belongs to the rebels, who open fire on the innocents below. As Jack's family run for cover, the helicopter gets tangled in some electrical wires and crashes. The rebels break through the blocked door and begin to shoot the survivors as Jack and his family jump onto the roof of an office building next to the hotel. He looks back and sees the rebels holding up the "Welcome" banner from Cardiff with his photo on it, realizing he is a high-value target. A tank targets the office building and fires into it indiscriminately. Jack's family hides under some debris as the rebels swarm the building and murder the employees. The family remains there for the rest of the day, until nightfall with a corpse hiding them. As Jack leaves their hiding place, he is spotted by a looting rebel and is forced to kill him, much to his and Annie's horror. They find a map, take clothes from the dead office workers to disguise themselves as locals, and make their way to the American embassy on a stolen moped. On the way, they manage to ride through a crowd of rebel demonstrators; one man notices they are foreigners, but says nothing, upon seeing the two young children riding with him. Upon arriving at the embassy, they find it overrun and deserted, and have to flee, but not before being seen by a group of rebels, including the leader from the hotel massacre. The family takes shelter in a Buddhist shrine garden nearby, and are protected by the old property caretaker. The rebels enter the compound and start searching for them. Jack attempts to steal a gun, and Annie comes out from hiding in order to draw attention away from Jack, while Lucy and Beeze hide. After discovering the gun is unloaded, Jack is beaten and restrained. As the group's leader prepares to rape Annie, Hammond and Kenny enter the garden and shoot most of the rebels except for the leader, who escapes. The two men take the family to a nearby brothel, which they pass through on their way to the large tower on the roof. As they eat, Hammond explains that he and Kenny work for the British government. He and other agents talked the former government into making deals with companies like Cardiff. As these deals allowed the companies to "own" the government through debt, they angered the people, which led to the anarchic uprising. Hammond explains that their plan is to get to the nearby river, commandeer a boat, and sail across the border to Vietnam, where they will be given asylum. As their children sleep, Annie and Jack tearfully tell each other that they have no regrets on their life together, preparing themselves for the fact that they could likely die the next morning. Before they can enact their plan, the group is attacked by rebels, who kill Kenny and wound Hammond. Hammond sacrifices himself to take out a rebel truck following them. Near the riverbank, Annie and the kids hide as Jack finds a fisherman and trades his watch and shoes for a boat. The fisherman hears the rebels approaching, and hides Jack beneath an old boat. Not long after, the leader who escaped earlier comes back with another group, captures Jack, and prepares to execute him. Lucy leaves her hiding place, distracting the group leader, whose shot hits Jack's shoulder. The leader then catches Lucy, puts a gun in her hand and one to her head and orders her to kill Jack. She refuses, but Jack encourages her to shoot him (in order to potentially save herself). Before Lucy can make a choice, Annie intervenes and hits the leader in the head, and then bludgeons him to death with an oar while Jack grabs the man's gun and kills the remaining rebels. The family get into a boat and paddle downriver. They are spotted by a group of rebels, but keep paddling. Although the Vietnamese border patrol warns the family at gunpoint not to enter Vietnam, they take no action to actually stop them, and as soon as the boat crosses the border marker, the border patrol warn the rebels against attacking the family as they are now in Vietnamese waters and if the rebels shoot, they will consider it as an act of war. The family embraces each other, having finally reached the end of their ordeal. Later, in a hospital, Jack and Annie narrate to the kids the story of how Lucy was born, a story the two daughters asked to hear about earlier in the movie.
John Erick Dowdle
Owen Wilson,
Lake Bell,
Sterling Jerins
Claire Geare
Action, Drama
Date Created:
05 August 2016
Release Date:
August 26, 2015

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