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The film starts with two autos dashing amidst the desert. Biker Cary Ford (Martin Henderson) pulls up on his bike and tries to pass them. He at long last does as such and stops at a coffee shop which his former sweetheart Shane (Monet Mazur) claims. There are pictures everywhere throughout the mass of Ford and Shane back when they were as one. Portage takes one of the photos. He then backtracks outside and the two punks who didn't give him a chance to leave show behind. The three get into a battle yet Ford pounds them two. Next Ford gets together with his two closest companions Dalton (Jay Hernandez) and Val (Will Yun Lee). They take a ride back to town to see a cruiser party. Portage sees Shane and the two start to converse with Shane saying that she is frantic that Ford left. A biker posse rang the Hellions pulls which contains Henry James (Matt Schulze) the pioneer, his better half China (Jamie Pressly) and his right-hand man Luther (Max Beesley) . Henry is stating that he is pissed at Ford for taking his bicycles (which contain drugs). Passage tells Henry that he stole the bicycles to pay off bills and his own bicycle. The Hellions leave and Ford, Dalton and Val all take a ride on their bicycles. Another biker group who is companions with the Hellions pull up. The dark biker posse called the Reapers, contains Trey (Ice Cube) the pioneer and his sibling Junior (Fredro Starr). The pack says that Ford better quit taking bicycles or he is going down. Passage and his two companions and Shane touch base at a dance club where huge amounts of biker packs hang out. The three posses keep running into each other and cause a major fight. Junior is terrified and keeps running into the restroom. Henry, China and Luther are in the lavatory likewise and go up against Junior there. Junior says that he is sad for not paying Henry back for a blown medication bargain (which Trey declined to permit preceding this scene) and asks Henry to give him some an opportunity to work it out. Be that as it may, Henry declines and slaughters Junior by choking him to death with a biker chain. Passage, Shane and the two companions backtrack to a motel to stay for the night. In the interim Ford and Shane are in the back of the motel being a tease and talking. At the homicide scene where Junior was discovered dead, two FBI specialists appear. A lady, Henderson (Justina Machado) and her accomplice, McPherson (Adam Scott). They say they will deal with the case and discover who executed Junior. China says that she was an observer to Junior's demise (clearly she is lying). She says that Cary Ford executed Junior. Trey discovers and advises his biker posse to catch Ford and murder him. Next Ford, Shane and the two companions stop at a coffee shop. Shane sees on the TV that Ford is needed for Junior's homicide. Shane tells Ford and the four leave the burger joint and hit the street. The Reapers pulled up at the coffee shop and pursues the four. The four ride into a woodland brimming with palm trees to escape. Trey's group individuals gets together with them in the woodland. Portage advises Shane and the companions to part up. Passage rides out of the woods into a desert. Trey takes after. Here at the desert we see a train. Portage bounced up onto the train and Trey takes after riding on top of the train. Before long Ford bounced off the train and Trey takes after. Trey slips and falls before the train and his leg gets got on the tracks. Portage chooses to help Trey. (He helps Trey since Ford must tell Trey that he didn't murder Junior). Portage spares Trey and gives him his bicycle. Shane, Dalton and Val get together with Ford and the four discover a hole for the night to sit tight. Portage talks it out with his companions and says that he ought to call the FBI operators to let them know that he is guiltless. Passage calls them and McPherson grabs the telephone. He says that he doesn't trust Ford however Henderson does. We next see that it is morning and the four leave the hole and locate an enormous truck and bounce in the back of it. The trucker doesn't realize that the four are in the back. As the truck is driving it gets ceased by the cops. The four in the back hear the cops and take what is inside the back of the truck....a quick auto. Just before the operators open the back of the truck, Ford and Shane break out of the truck in the auto and the two companions on their bicycles. The four drive onto a thruway. The FBI specialists take after thus does Trey. The following scene happens on the interstate with huge amounts of different autos. Portage bounced out of the auto and hops onto Val's bicycle and advises Val to ride with Shane. Trey and the two operators take after. The accomplices aren't focusing and their dark Hummer hits a development pipe and flies into the air and grounds upside down(they survived however). Trey rides his bicycle into Ford's and the two accident. Passage holding Trey at gunpoint discloses to Trey that he didn't execute Junior. He trusts him says that he needs to discover who slaughtered Junior. Portage says that it was Henry and that he set them both up. At Shane's carport Ford calls Shane and advises her that he needs her and Val and Dalton to come and meet him and Trey there. Soon after that, the two FBI specialists bust in and advise Trey and Ford to get down. Henderson says that she needs a clarification since she trusts Ford is blameless. Passage lets them know and the two specialists trust them. McPherson turns and shoots Henderson and she tumbles to the floor. McPherson uncovers that he is working with the Hellions subsequent to making an arrangement with Henry. Henry, China and Luther appear uncovering they have tied up Ford's two companions with chains and have additionally kidnapped Shane. Portage says that Henry can take the bicycles back however Henry needs to murder Ford and Trey (subsequent to admitting to Trey that he had executed Junior). There is a major battle scene with Trey executing Luther by hanging him with a chain. Henry and China leave the carport. Portage liberates Shane while Trey loosens Val and Dalton and they leave the carport. Just before they do Henderson gets up and tells McPherson that she is wearing a shot evidence vest. She advises Trey and the others to leave the carport which they do. Henderson then explodes the carport slaughtering McPherson. Outside of the carport China gets together with Shane. The two battle on their bicycles. The battle closes with Shane kicking China off her bicycle and tossing her through an auto windshield, slaughtering her. At last Ford makes up for lost time with Henry in the city in a bicycle pursue. Henry shoots at the gas of the bicycle Ford is driving making gas spill from it. As Henry is shooting at Ford the slug hit the spilled gas bringing about a flame trail. Portage then takes off through the air and grounds on top of Henry's bicycle, the flame gets up to speed to them both creating both bicycle's to detonate tossing Ford noticeable all around and slaughtering Henry. Shane lifts him up and they drive back to the carport to discover the others. It is likewise uncovered that Henderson survived yet is harmed Passage and Shane get back together and choose that the four need a get-away (with Shane proposing Mexico). Val grabs his sweetheart Nina (Christina Millian) and from a separation we see the four ride off in the desert as the screen blurs to dark and the credits part.
Joseph Kahn
Martin Henderson,
Ice Cube,
Monet Mazur
Adam Scott
Date Created:
17 Septembert 2016
Release Date:
March 5, 2004


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