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national treasure 2 full movie, national treasure book of secrets full movie, national treasure movie download


Five days after the end of the Civil War, John Wilkes Booth and Michael O'Laughlen, both individuals from the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC), enter a bar and approach Thomas Gates to translate a message. Thomas perceives the message as utilizing the Playfair figure and starts to decipher it. While he does as such, Booth leaves for Ford's Theater to kill President Abraham Lincoln. Thomas comprehends the riddle and understands the men are still faithful to the Confederacy. A battle breaks out, and Thomas tears a few pages from the journal and tosses them in the chimney. Thomas is shot, and the shooter recovers just a page section. More than 140 years after the fact, Ben Gates is recounting his extraordinary incredible granddad's story at a Civilian Heroes meeting. Underground market merchant Mitch Wilkinson demonstrates one of the 18 missing pages of John Wilkes Booth's journal, with Thomas Gates' name on it, persuading everybody that Thomas was a plotter, as well as the excellent modeler of the Lincoln death. Ben embarks to demonstrate the purity of Thomas. Utilizing ghostly imaging, Ben finds a figure indicating Édouard Laboulaye covered up on the back of the journal page. He goes to Paris, where he finds an intimation engraved on the light of the scale model of the Statue of Liberty, alluding to the two Resolute work areas. Ben then heads to London to take a gander at the work area at Buckingham Palace with the assistance of his companion Riley Poole and offended sweetheart Abigail Chase. From the Queen's work area, he gets an old wooden board. In the interim, Wilkinson broke into Patrick Gates' home and cloned Patrick's phone so as to track Ben's whereabouts. Wilkinson inevitably acquires the wooden board, yet not before Ben figures out how to photo the images cut into the board. At Ben's request, Patrick reluctantly asks his ex and Ben's mom, Dr. Emily Appleton, for help in interpreting the images. She does as such, yet calls attention to that a portion of the glyphs are fractional, driving Ben to infer that another board must be covered up in the other Resolute work area situated in the Oval Office. Ben and Abigail persuade Abigail's new love interest, Connor, a custodian for the White House, into giving them access to the workplace to see the work area. Ben finds that the second board is missing, however he finds a stamp bearing the seal of the Book of Secrets. Riley confesses Ben that the Book of Secrets contains archives gathered by Presidents for Presidents' eyes just, covering such disputable subjects as the JFK death, Watergate, and Area 51. Ben drops in on the President's birthday party at Mount Vernon, with the trusts of demonstrating the President a mystery map drawn by President Washington of the Mount Vernon House and a mystery escape burrow under it. The President (Bruce Greenwood) is exceptionally interested by this and says to Ben they ought to go see it. They get to the mystery burrow under the House where they unravel a code and go into the passage. Once inside, Ben shuts the passage entryway and clarifies his rationale of demonstrating his precursor's honesty. Ben goes ahead to get some information about the "President's Secret Book". The President thoughtfully cautions Ben that his activities will be deciphered as grabbing unless Ben can demonstrate the fortune's presence, and uncovers the area of the book, in the Library of Congress, "where books are kept". He likewise gives Ben the book's file code and requests that he take a gander at page 47. Ben calls Riley and Abigail and has them meet him at the Library of Congress. They advance toward a bolted entryway where Ben utilizes the second code the President gave him. They are all racing to discover it, keeping in mind doing as such, they see that it's not there. Be that as it may, as Ben pulls down a book where it ought to be, he happens to see a mystery bolted board. Ben utilizes the book's file code to open it, and there it is - the President's book. They discover the page with the data about the missing board, and Ben peruses a section by President Coolidge, who found the board in 1924, had it devastated, and authorized Gutzon Borglum to cut Mount Rushmore to delete the guide's points of interest keeping in mind the end goal to secure the fortune. While understanding, they hear squad cars coming. Ben advises Abigail and Riley to go, and he takes a photo of the board; Ben flips to page 47 and takes a photo of that too (while never demonstrating what's really on page 47). Cops and FBI are currently flooding the library to discover Ben, while Abigail and Riley make their departure. Ben figures out how to get out and bounce into Abigail's escaping SUV while being pursued by cops. Ben then sends the photo of the board to his father and lets him know he should get it deciphered by Ben's mother. Before Patrick can get to Emily's office for the interpretation, Mitch arrives and advises her that he needs the board deciphered. Before she understands it, Mitch gets a call letting him know that Patrick is headed to her office; Mitch arranges Emily to lie and dispose of him. Emily interprets the board yet lied about the last image; after a few words are traded amongst Emily and Patrick, Patrick clears out. Mitch strolls back in and demonstrates her a letter from the Queen of England to one of his relatives amid the Civil War and advises her that the letter is required alongside the boards to really discover the fortune, then copies it. Mitch orders her to get her jacket and leave with him. Ben, Riley, Abigail, and Patrick head to Mount Rushmore where they meet Mitch, who has Ben's mom. Ben knew she was in a bad position by the interpretation Emily provided for Patrick by the last image she read to him. Ben tells Mitch they can cooperate, yet his firearm and men must stay behind. Mitch concurs, and he helps them discover the passage of a cavern from the works in his family's mystery Queen letter. They enter the hollow and begin searching for intimations to discover their way to the unbelievable Native American city of gold, Cíbola. En route, they experience a few traps, and Patrick and Emily get isolated from the rest. In the end, they discover the city of strong gold underneath Mount Rushmore, and all are brought together. While everybody is glancing around at its magnificence and marvel, water begins pouring in. With a specific end goal to get away from the water and suffocating, one individual needs to stay behind to hold open the getaway hatch. Mitch requests that he leaves while Ben stays to hold it open, generally Abigail gets hurt. Ben concurs and Mitch helps him open the portal yet again. While Ben holds it, they all swim out, however before Mitch can go, Ben is tossed from holding it and gets his arm stuck. This powers Mitch to spare Ben and penance himself, requesting that Ben give him the acknowledgment for finding the fortune. Once out, Ben calls Agent Sadusky and lets him know they found the fortune. Ben, Abigail, and Riley are escorted to see the President. The President divulges the mystery benefit that Ben didn't seize him and that he helped him escape the passage. The President demonstrates Ben the following day's daily paper and that it demonstrates his family's innocence. Ben additionally guarantees that Mitch gets joint kudos for the find. The President gets some information about his past solicitation, taking a gander at page 47 of the Secret Book; he answers that what was composed on the page is "life adjusting". In the interim, Emily is regulating the fortune and relic evacuation with Patrick close by. While Riley is solicited by a lovely fan from his book for his signature, Ben and Abigail choose to move back in together. At that point back in Washington, Riley is strolling down his road and sees another red Ferrari. As he goes to look, he sees an envelope with his name on it; he opens it and finds the keys with a note from the President that says: "tax exempt". He bounced in and begins his new auto up. While listening to it murmur, he says "I adore this auto", and places it in drive and hits the gas; while truly being backward and flies once more into a stopped auto.
Jon Turteltaub
Nicolas Cage,
Jon Voight,
Harvey Keitel
Ed Harris
Thriller, Drama
Date Created:
18 Septembert 2016
Release Date:
December 21, 2007

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