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Race 2 starts with a marksman shooting out the fuel tank of a Lamborghini, making it burst into blazes. Some time thereafter, a burglary happens and European printing plates are stolen. Ranvir Singh (Saif Ali Khan) watches this news on TV and grins. Ranvir goes to a gambling club proprietor, Vikram Thapar (Rajesh Khattar), asserting to have been behind the Euro printing plates theft. Ranvir offers Thapar €1.5 billion of fake coin in return for €500 million genuine banknotes. Thapar concurs, and acquires the €500 million from ex-road warrior and very rich person criminal Armaan Malik (John Abraham), and makes the exchange with Ranvir. It is then uncovered that Ranvir never stole the printing plates, and was conning Thapar to get revenge for a past matter. Presently, not able to give back Armaan's cash, Thapar is compelled to give Armaan control of five gambling clubs that he possesses in Istanbul, Turkey. The con is uncovered to be an arrangement that Ranvir made a week before with Armaan, who he was acquainted with by his companion Robert "RD" D'Costa (Anil Kapoor) and his dumb associate Cherry (Ameesha Patel). Ranvir basically gives Armaan responsibility for five gambling clubs in return for a 10% commission, a small amount of the genuine estimation of the clubhouse. Ranvir and Armaan get to be companions and business accomplices, while Ranvir starts a sentiment with Armaan's relative and half shareholder Alina (Deepika Padukone). At a gathering facilitated by Armaan and Alina, Ranveer meets Armaan's better half Omisha (Jacqueline Fernandez) and sees a photo of his expired spouse Sonia (Bipasha Basu) in her wallet. He starts to appeal her keeping in mind the end goal to pick up her certainty. In the interim, he conveys a lucrative arrangement to Armaan that will make them both billions. In any case, Ranvir later uncovers to RD that Armaan and Thapar were in charge of the demise of Sonia, and his genuine arrangement is to bankrupt Armaan. Ranvir then sets up contact with Omisha, who lets him know that she is Sonia's sister Tanya, and has been dating Armaan to draw sufficiently near to slaughter him. In any case, Omisha is uncovered to not be Tanya all things considered, and really be working with Armaan, who definitely realized that Ranvir was Sonia's significant other. Ranvir tells RD and Cherry that he will probably take the Shroud of Turin. He will take the Shroud himself, however will tell Armaan that another person will do it, and offer it to him for €15 billion, which is a small amount of the Shroud's actual worth. Ranvir then wants to take both the Shroud and Armaan's €15 billion. Be that as it may, RD, who is ghastly anxious of Armaan, sells out Ranvir and tells Armaan the entire arrangement. Armaan acquaints Ranvir with Godfather Anza and requests that he give 15 billion euros to put resources into the arrangement however just on the off chance that he wins his battle with Typhoon ,Ranvir was listening to their discussion and Alina uncovers Armaan was the person who planted the bomb in her auto and chooses to be on Ranvirs side .Ranvir sucessfully takes the cover with the assistance of Cherry and RD while after unsuccessful endeavors Armaan wins his battle with Typhoon After Ranvir drinks his glass clean amid the festival Armaan uncovers that Alina blended toxic substance in Ranvir's glass. As Ranvir gradually passes on, Armaan uncovers that because of RD he knew Ranvir's arrangement the entire time and he was controlling the race the whole time. Alina uncovers that she was never on his side as a result of her blood association with Armaan. Omisha drives back with the cash and uncovers to Ranvir that she was additionally on Armaan's side and she is not Sonia's sister. After Ranvir kicks the bucket, RD and Cherry leave subsequent to getting 10% of the cash from Armaan. Alina leaves to get the private plane prepared, while Armaan and Omisha recover what they accept to be the genuine cover Shroud from Ranvir's baggage locker. Armaan, Omisha, and Alina leave in their private plane. While in the plane, Armaan focuses his weapon at Alina, uncovering that from the start he was wanting to execute her and take her cash. Abruptly, Ranvir crashes through the divider and uncovers that Alina never harmed his beverage. Alina tells Armaan that she was on Ranvir's side as far back as Armaan planted the bomb in her auto. Ranveer uncovers that RD never double-crossed him, and that he himself advised RD to educate Armaan of the genuine arrangement. This was to make Armaan think he was in front of Ranvir. Ranvir then uncovers that he had seen a photo of Sonia's sister before he even met Omisha. A while later, Ranvir and Armaan have a battle in the plane being in midair. Amid the battle, Armaan tells Ranvir that he slaughtered Sonia on the grounds that she had sold out him and fled with his cash. As a consequence of the battle, a window of the plane was broken and in this way an item harms the air ship's propellor. Armaan gets hold of a firearm and shoots the pilot and every one of the parachutes aside from one and he alongside Omisha escape with it. Ranvir and Alina were forgotten with the goal that they would pass on as a consequence of plane-crash however they avoid utilizing Armaan's auto which opens chutes while noticeable all around. The plane accidents on a mountain. Armaan and Omisha goes to meet Godfather Anza and gives him the cover, which on examination ends up being fake. Simply then Ranvir calls Omisha and tells how after everybody left the remains of Antalya, Alina returned to take Ranvir to the plane. At that point, they uncover how Alina exchanged the genuine cash with the fake cash while Ranvir and Armaan were battling in the plane. Listening to this Anza Takes everything from Armaan consequently of his cash, even Omisha switches sides when she considers Armaan to be being destitute. Ranvir and RD meet and Ranvir gives him his offer. RD then says that he wouldn't like to hazard his life again and makes Ranvir guarantee to never meet him again. Ranvir shakes on the guarantee yet then cautions RD that guarantees are made to be broken. RD and Cherry then leave in one little air ship, while Ranvir and Alina leave in another.
Saif Ali Khan,
John Abraham,
Deepika Padukone
Anil Kapoor
Action, Thriller
Date Created:
17 September 2016
Release Date:
25 January 2013

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