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The short film starts with Avinash (Saqib Saleem), a young fellow, blasting into his home. He wakes his dad and pushes him against the divider pronouncing that he is gay person. He goes out, distressed and sorrowful however prepared for another begin. He passes a young lady at a train station singing "Ajeeb Dastan Hain Ye." Gayatri (Rani Mukerji) is hitched to Dev (Randeep Hooda). Gayatri, who works for a magazine meets Avinash, the new understudy. Avinash illuminates her that he's gay and is stunned to see that it doesn't stun her. They continuously turn out to be close. On his birthday, Gayatri welcomes Avinash home for supper. That night, Gayatri tells Dev that Avinash is gay. Dev appears to be stunned. Amid supper, Avinash and Dev observe that they both offer an adoration for old Hindi movies and music. Avinash hangs over Dev to take a gander at something on the table and Dev unmistakably responds. The following day, Gayatri leaves for some work. Avinash goes to her home to meet Dev. He gives him a CD and afterward welcomes him to turn out. (An entertaining play on "exposing the unadulterated truth.") Avinash takes Dev to meet the young lady who sings "Slack jaa hurricane." Dev is stunned. He pays the young lady a ton of cash and asks her what she anticipates doing with it. She says she will purchase nourishment for her siblings and sisters. He inquires as to whether she's lying. She briefly answers that she isn't, and telling falsehoods is terrible. By this point, Avinash is certain that Dev is gay yet hasn't expose the unadulterated truth. The following day he meets Gayatri who joyfully advises him that she and Dev had astounding sex the most recent night. Avinash is frustrated and furious, knowing completely well that he is the purpose behind Dev's great temperament. He goes to meet Dev at work. He concedes that he took the one-hour venture between the workplaces just to meet him. Dev is humiliated and requests that he clear out. Avinash comes to over to embrace him exotically, disturbing Dev. Dev loses his temper and starts to pound Avinash. Avinash leaves Dev, and about-faces home. The beating he got from Dev triggers recollections of his own dad thrashing him after finding his sexuality. Dev visits him to apologize. He appears to be torn and in the wake of hitting Avinash again and tossing him against the cabinet, he kisses him. Once more, Dev starts to hit Avinash. Avinash loses his temper and tosses Dev out. Avinash then goes and tells Gayatri that her significant other kissed him. Gayatri is rankled and doesn't listen to whatever else Avinash needs to say and goes home. Dev enters and tries to kiss her, however she pushes him away and starts to wipe her face. She lets him know that she now realizes that the there's nothing amiss with her except for with him and that he is the reason their marriage fizzled. She says she's happy she's free now and advises him that their relationship is over. In the last scene we see Avinash sitting on his bed, upset. We see Dev next to the young lady who is singing, Gayatri has shown him out. Furthermore, we see Gayatri putting on make up. The film closes on an unexpected note. The young lady approaches Dev for cash and he says that he doesn't have any. She says that he's lying. He answers that he isn't, and lying is terrible, reflecting her words from prior. The incongruity being, that his entire marriage and life was an untruth. Star[edit] Coordinated by Dibakar Banerjee The story is an adjustment of Satyajit Ray's short story "Patol Babu, Film Star". A fizzled performing artist (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is attempting to bring home the bacon after his dad's demise. He anticipates that others will come to him and offer him work. One day he meets his lord's soul and takes in the lesson of life that work is not God's Gift and one just gets it when one tries. In an unforeseen development he unearths his last opportunity to substantiate himself to the world and all the more vitally, to his little girl (this last point is adjusted from another of Ray's short stories, "Pterodactyl-er Dim"). Sheila Ki Jawaani[edit] Coordinated by Zoya Akhtar A 12-year-old youngster (played by Naman Jain) named Vicky tries to be a Bollywood artist. Vicky's dad however needs his child to take after normally manly games, be "extreme" and be a football player. Vicky is a Katrina Kaif fan and cherishes moving to "Sheila Ki Jawani." During a TV meeting, Vicky hears Katrina Kaif discuss breaking traditions of society and taking after dreams paying little mind to the hindrances that come in one's direction, and that occasionally, one must keep their fantasies a mystery toward the begin. Vicky is energized by Katrina's words. At the point when the guardians go out, Vicky spruces up like "Sheila" and performs. Vicky is gotten when the guardians return, and is reproached for dressing in ladies' garments. In the mean time, Vicky's sister needs to go on a school trip however is declined Rs. 2000 by their dad since he had effectively spent assets on the Vicky's football preparing. She is fairly frustrated that the guardians are so centered around her kin's football preparing when it's reasonable Vicky detests football. Vicky acknowledges how unjustifiable this is, and offers to perform to gather cash for her outing. They then choose to sort out a little ticketed occasion for the area at an old carport, where Vicky moves to his most loved tunes. Murabba (Fruit Preserve)[edit] Coordinated by Anurag Kashyap Vijay (Vineet Kumar Singh) is from Allahabad city in UP. The story starts with Vijay flying out to Mumbai to satisfy his sickly father's craving. His dad (Sudhir Pandey) wishes that Vijay meet Bollywood genius Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, offer and encourage him hand crafted "murabba" and bring the staying half for his dad. Vijay's dad trusts that doing as such will convey solace to him and thusly extend his life. Vijay is indicated attempting to get individual gathering of people with Mr. Bachchan. Eager, disappointed and destitute, Vijay even takes up an odd employment in Mumbai. In the end, after much battling and persuading Mr. Bachchan's security monitors, he gets the chance to meet Mr. Bachchan actually. Astonished at Vijay's assurance and devotion towards his dad Mr. Bachchan cheerfully obliges Vijay. He eats half of Vijay's custom made murabba. Fulfilled and triumphant Vijay now sets on his arrival venture via train. On his way back he is indicated portraying his encounters to kindred travelers. In the mean time, a co-traveler malevolently breaks the glass container containing the murabba eaten by Mr. Bachchan while another co-traveler accidentally squishes it. Baffled and shattered, Vijay has no choice yet to supplant the bit of murabba by one means or another. He chooses to purchase another glass jug and some murabba. He achieves home with the murabba and offer it to his dad. The father however can distinguish that something turned out badly; he asks his child, where he broke the glass container? Accordingly, Vijay portrays reality to him. It is then that the father portrays his own story to Vijay. Generally as he had requested that Vijay meet Mr. Bachchan, his granddad had requested that his dad meet Mr. Dilip Kumar, a Bollywood hotshot of his times. His granddad had given over a jug of nectar to his dad and had asked that Mr. Dilip Kumar dunk his finger into the container. Nonetheless, the jug of nectar got ants when it achieved Mr. Dilip Kumar and the on-screen character declined to dunk his finger into it. Vijay's dad had then supplanted the container of nectar, plunged his own particular finger into it and taken it back to his dad. Accidentally, Vijay's granddad ate nectar from the jug for a considerable length of time to come and carried on with a long life. The motion picture closes with Vijay's dad considering how life takes a full circle.
Karan Johar
Rani Mukerji,
Nawazuddin Siddiqui,
Katrina Kaif
Amitabh Bachchan
Drama. Anthology
Date Created:
23 September 2016
Release Date:
3 May 2013

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