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Toward the starting, Izna, a porn star (Sunny Leone), is lying dead in the grass, however she says that she needs to approach absolution from some individual for her transgressions. The story flashes back six months. Izna is employed by an insight officer Aayan Thakur (Arunoday Singh) and Security Chief Guru Saldanah (Arif Zakaria) to end up a 'nectar trap' and help them recover basic data from a feared professional killer, Kabir Wilson (Randeep Hooda). Amid this mission, Aayan becomes more acquainted with about Izna's past associations with Kabir when Kabir himself used to work for the insight. Amid one of his missions where Izna was being utilized for medication selling as a part of a bar, which she was unconscious of, Kabir captured the liable medication merchants, and Izna clarified that she was pure. Kabir took a coin from her and clarified how the coin spared her from a capture. He had seen her lift it up from the road after she dropped it, something a man in a medication cartel would not do. Izna began cherishing Kabir and tailed him home, giving him an adoration letter written in her own particular blood. Both began adoring each other yet one day, Kabir vanished with no word. Six years passed and Izna did not discover him notwithstanding numerous endeavors. After Izna consents to the mission, she is taken to a private settlement in Sri Lanka to live where Kabir additionally lived with a personality of an artist. Izna is requested that go about as Aayan's fiancee and is given an account of how they both met each other. Izna then is requested that go to Kabir's home to present herself as his new neighbor, yet he goes about as though he doesn't perceive her. The exact following day, he composes "Sorry" on her window in his blood yet escapes when a telephone call comes. Kabir assaults Guru Saldanah's group yet Saldanah makes an escape and plans to stop the operation. Aayan arrangements to take the information from Kabir while Izna takes Kabir out. Izna sends a letter to Kabir letting him know that she needs to meet him, and Kabir goes out. Aayan moves to Kabir's home to take the information. When he duplicates information from Kabir's portable PC, it gives Kabir an alarm to his telephone, and Kabir runs towards his home. Aayan escapes with the information, yet he later finds that it had all been distorted. Izna says that she will never excuse Kabir and will cut him down. Kabir, who still trusts Izna, had never had purpose behind suspicion of her; not so with his trusted companion Sumit, who speculates her and cautions Kabir about her. Kabir proposes to wed her and requests that Izna move to his home and leave Aayan. Izna consents to this. Yet, meanwhile, Aayan, who has succumbed to Izna, is rankled after listening to this. She guarantees that she may have the capacity to take the information once she gets into Kabir's home. She moves to his home and begins staying with Kabir. Kabir approaches Sumit to orchestrate a cleric for the marriage, who incidentally peruses a SMS to Aayan on Izna's telephone, which demonstrated she was a spy. Sumit goes to murder Aayan, however rather, he is himself executed in a weapon fight. Aayan calls Izna for some critical talk and communicates his feelings of trepidation that they can no more play this unsafe diversion as when Kabir will discover that Sumit is executed, he will murder Izna. Aayan gives her toxic substance and requests that her blend it into Kabir's drink. At the point when Izna is not at home, Kabir goes to Aayan's home and finds Sumit's portable amplifier. To discover more about Sumit, Kabir looks the house and winds up finding a book inside Izna's pack which has a comparable story that Izna advised to Kabir with respect to her meeting Aayan. This affirms Sumit's suspicions, and Kabir sits tight for Izna. When she returns, she offers him espresso. In any case, she mixes the toxic substance Aayan had given her into the espresso she serves him. Kabir tells Izna that years prior, he had left Izna for a sting operation, just to find, amid the operation, that the nation's own officers, security strengths and government officials were degenerate. Along these lines, he had shortlisted them and afterward he had them executed. As indicated by Kabir, he was a nationalist, not a psychological militant. Dumping out the harmed espresso undrunk, Kabir tells Izna that the Guru Saldanah is a cheat, and his group impostors, who will slaughter Izna once they get the hard circle containing the first information. He requests that Izna escape and offers her another travel permit, tickets, and access to a record kept up at a Swiss bank from which she can pull back boundless cash. At the point when Kabir kisses her before their division, Izna shoots him in the stomach, whereupon Kabir quickly passes on. Fleeing with the hard plate containing the first information, she goes to Guru Saldanah and hands over the hard circle to him. In any case, she is soon shocked to realize that Guru Saldanah is to be sure a fake, as Kabir had brought up, and that after the errand, she should have been murdered. Aayan was given this obligation, however he had altered his opinion as he was enamored with her. As Saldanah attempted to slaughter Izna himself, Aayan handled him and murdered him. Izna told Aayan that as a result of their false mission, she slaughtered a guiltless individual, and that as well, the affection for her life who indiscriminately believed her. Izna says that she would like to kick the bucket with Kabir than live with Aayan, and endeavors to leave with the hard circle. Aayan undermines to shoot Izna on the off chance that she goes out. Izna then goes out. Aayan takes after her and after that shoots her in the back. Aayan approaches her and turns her over. Still alive, Izna shoots Aayan twice and slaughters him. At that point she is seen with Kabir after death, and she lets him know that without him, Heaven is not a paradise, and with him, she has no motivation to fear Hell.
Pooja Bhatt
Sunny Leone,
Randeep Hooda,
Arunoday Singh
Date Created:
11 October 2016
Release Date:
3 August 2012

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