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Manoj "Manu" Sharma (R. Madhavan) is a NRI specialist living in London. He comes to India to locate an Indian lady of the hour and get hitched. His folks have officially short-recorded a few young ladies for him to meet, and they take him to Kanpur to meet Tanuja "Tanu" Trivedi (Kangana Ranaut). After they arrive in Kanpur, a pack of goons in the city pick a fight with Manu for reasons unknown by any means, and give him a couple slaps, because of which he comes to the Trivedi habitation in an untidy condition. At Tanu's home, the two arrangements of guardians find that they get on amazingly well with each other, and choose that if Manu likes Tanu, they can finish the matter quickly. There is one minor hitch: Tanu's mom advises her visitors that Tanu has been sick since yesterday and can't ascend from bed. She requests that Manu go up to Tanu's room and meet her there. She indicates Manu to Tanu's room and leaves to the kitchen. Tanu is extremely inert, and Manu at first believes that she is timid and reserved. He soon understands that Tanu is in actuality sleeping soundly. He looks at her wonderful dozing figure, and likes what he sees. He comes first floor and tells both the families that he will wed her. Before making the engagement open, the families choose to go on a journey and look for the gifts of God. Amid the prepare travel, Tanu finds a chance to talk secretly with Manu, and lets him know that she had purposefully taken resting pills to nod off, to abstain from meeting him. She lets him know inconsiderately that she adores another person, and that she has her partner's name inked on her mid-section; she additionally lets him know that the hooligans who had roughed him up when he at first arrived in Kanpur had been sent by her beau. She requests that Manu ought to now dismiss her. Manu is to a great degree baffled since he loves her monstrously, thus do his folks, yet he obediently does the nice thing. Assuming the fault upon himself, and not uncovering to anybody the way that the young lady is having an adoration illicit relationship with another man, he advises his dad to pass on to Tanu's folks that in the wake of becoming acquainted with their little girl better, he has chosen not to wed her. Tanu's folks are all around miffed at this unforeseen development, however since the anticipated engagement was known just to them, there is no open loss of face. Weeks pass, and Manu's folks bring out different recommendations from their waitlist for him to meet. He meets a few forthcoming young ladies from reasonable families, however can't overlook Tanu. One of the young ladies he meets is Ayushi (Neha Kaul), who had lost both her folks while still a kid, and whose sibling Raja (Jimmy Shergill) is her watchman. Raja, himself just a youngster when their folks passed on, had dealt with Ayushi, never giving her a chance to endure in any capacity. What precisely Raja does keeping in mind the end goal to bolster himself and his sister is a riddle. Obscure to anybody, he is a card-sharp and part of a gathering of little time hoodlums who acknowledge "contracts" to perform different moderately minor wrongdoings. He is likewise great hearted, sympathetic to poor people, adores his sister earnestly, and needs her to be hitched to a better than average man and to settle down as spouse and mother. In the wake of meeting Ayushi, Manu tells Raja that she is an extremely decent young lady, yet that he can't in great inner voice wed her, since he harbors uneven love for some other young lady. Raja lauds him for his genuineness and treats him with gigantic regard. Manu and his companion Pappi (Deepak Dobriyal) go to Punjab to go to the wedding of another school companion Jassi (Eijaz Khan). After arriving, Manu discovers that Tanu is available there, and that she is a companion of Payal (Swara Bhaskar), Jassi's lady of the hour to-be. Throughout the following few days, Manu and Tanu strike up a kinship. Tanu tells Manu that she is nearly eloping, that she and her partner are going to get subtly hitched in a registry office, and afterward give her folks a fait accompli. She requests that he be an observer to their wedding in the registry office. As they leave on a prepare back to Chandigarh, they meet Raja once more, and in the wake of disclosing to Raja how Manu is enamored with somebody, Raja states they will all about-face to Kanpur and guarantees Manu he will wed him to any young lady he begins to look all starry eyed at. As Manu and Pappi achieve Jassi's "baraat", Manu gets a call from Raja, uncovering that Raja is Tanu's sweetheart. Manu goes to the enlistment center's office, where Raja and Tanu are wanting to steal away, yet they are not ready to discover a pen to sign the papers! Manu has a pen in his coat, yet lies and imagines that he doesn't have a pen, and the marriage is put off for absence of a pen. Manu communicates stun that Raja, whom he had viewed as a not too bad man and obedient sibling, ought to steal away along these lines. Raja tells Manu that he wouldn't like to be hitched in this stealthy way, yet Tanu's family could never acknowledge him, which is the reason they are eloping. He asks for Manu to mediate with Tanu's family and convince them to consent to her wedding Raja. Once more, Manu does the better than average thing. He converses with Tanu's dad, and persuades him to acknowledge Raja. Seeing that their girl is unyielding, and mitigated that an elopement has been deflected, Tanu's folks acknowledges the circumstance, but unwillingly. Arrangements for Tanu's wedding with Raja start. Tanu incidentally observes the wedding blessing that Manu is get ready for her. It is a vast publication, a composition of various photos of Tanu in her different states of mind and postures, which Manu had snapped on different events. He is contributing the time and exertion expected to carefully make this arrangement as a unique wedding present for her. Tanu is touched. Then, Raja does not have room schedule-wise to purchase Tanu a wedding sari, so he requests that Manu bail him out. Manu chases out a lovely sari in the business sectors of the city and conveys it to Tanu. Right now, he tells Tanu how happy he is that she is getting hitched in a respectable way, with the assent of guardians, in seeing God, dressed delightfully as a lady of the hour in that beautiful sari. He admits to Tanu that at the registry office, he had a pen in his coat, yet did not need her to be hitched that way, and consequently he lied. At that exact minute, Raja shows up, and brings Tanu away with him to meet a few companions. As she leaves with Raja, Tanu has blended emotions. She is additionally exceptionally aware of how anxious and hesitant her folks are about her wedding Raja, how they have no associate with him by any means, contrasted with how rapidly they hit it off with Manu's folks and with Manu himself. That night, in the wake of achieving home, she contacts Manu and inquires as to whether he is infatuated with her. Manu gives her a honest reply. In the wake of thinking about the matter, Tanu chooses to wed Manu, not Raja. Tanu's folks are celebrated and enchanted with this unforeseen development. Her dad makes all flurry to approach Manu's folks and look for the partnership from them in the customary way. Manu's folks, who remain unaware of late occasions, are astonished to see Tanu's dad at their entryway; all things considered, they had as of now denied him once, toward the end of the lamentable journey. In any case, they had constantly enjoyed Tanu and her family, and it was Manu who had declined to wed her. After a snappy counsel with Manu, who demonstrates his acknowledgment, they appropriately agree to the collusion. At this point, Raja has been educated that Tanu does not wish to wed him. Enraged, he storms into her home and debilitates her dad with critical outcomes if Tanu is hitched to anybody other than him. In the interim, arrangements for Tanu's wedding are proceeding not surprisingly. Tanu's dad rewards an Inspector of Police according to the guideline of Pappi and Jassi, and gets Raja captured on false charges. The arrangement is that Raja will stay in prison for a couple days, amid which time Tanu will be hitched and securely sent away. Nonetheless, everybody is stunned to see that Raja is touching base in a wedding processional as guaranteed, and lands at the wedding scene in the meantime as Manu, the spouse. Raja displays a firearm and makes a scene. Manu however declines to be terrified and starts dissuading Raja. In the interim, Tanu shows up at the entryway, dressed as a lady of the hour, and tells she is not terrified too observing Manu's strength and starts to walk gradually towards the holy place. Raja points the firearm and practically pulls the trigger, however is not ready to do it. He then helps Manu to remember the guarantee he had made to him, and he chooses to respect his guarantee, and tells Tanu he may be numerous things, however he is not a deceiver. Furthermore, in the wake of seeing Tanu's adoration, Manu's bravery and attractiveness, Raja understands that Manu is the right match for Tanu. He salutes the couple with gagged tears and advise the band to play the drums to continue with the wedding.
Anand L. Rai
R. Madhavan,
Kangana Ranaut,
Jimmy Shergill
Romance, Drama
Date Created:
17 September 2016
Release Date:
25 February 2011

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